About Me

My name is Angie Miller and I am absolutely thrilled to be fulfilling my passion for teaching. Teaching English to high school students has long been a dream of mine because English class was where I found my voice in writing and love for literature. However, my journey to the front of the classroom has not been a direct route.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to become a teacher. It was no surprise to anyone that I chose English as my content area because reading, nearly everything in path, and writing poetry and stories was something I have been doing for fun my whole life. In May of 2013, I graduated from the University of Iowa with my B.A. in English. It was apparent by this time that pursuing a Master’s degree in Education would be my next step because I wanted more than teaching licensure; I wanted to really study the science of teaching.

Shortly after finishing my B.A. in English, I joined the M.A.T. in English Education program at the University of Iowa’s College of Education. My two and half years in this program were formative to my professional life. While I studied in this program, I had the fortune to work in a number of educational settings. I worked as an After School Program Director at a private school in Iowa City, I taught as a Montessori Preschool Assistant full time and long term substitute, and taught several academic summer camps grades K-6. Working with early childhood and elementary students strengthened my patience, understanding of the whole child, and development of learning.

While in graduate school, I also served as a writing tutor for the Graduate College of Education Writing Resource. As a writing tutor, I assisted graduate students in writing dissertations, research, and class papers. I feel honored to have read and worked on the incredible research these graduate students produced. I also worked in the Kirkwood Community College Writing Center, assisting community college students in their writing and English language learning. Working in writing centers quickly became a passion for me and I began my own research on the pedagogical work I provided in that space. I have presented my research and work on writing centers at the Iowa Writing Center Consortium (Iowa State University, 2015), East Central Writing Centers Association Conference (Notre Dame University , 2015), International Writing Center Association Conference (Denver, 2016), and the Literacy Research Association Conference (Nashville, 2016).

When I graduated from the University of Iowa College of Education, I spoke at the commencement ceremony with a clear message to my audience of families and pre-service teachers: All students can learn. I believe that all students can learn because I have seen it happen. I have taught three year olds how to write letters and thirty year olds how to write an annotated bibliography. All students can learn because teachers believe in them. I am ecstatic to finally be in the front of the classroom, believing in my students. I am excited for every step forward in my career as an educator.

When I’m not at school, I love to read, run, and spend time with my friends and family. I absolutely love traveling and you can usually catch me planning my next adventure.

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