Reading Rebels

The importance of reading every day does not end with elementary school. Junior high and high school students still need regular reading. In fact, a recent study conducted by the University of London’s Institute of Education found that the behavior of reading for pleasure in teens was a major factor in socioeconomic mobility (Sullivan & Brown, 2013). This study also reported reading’s powerful impact on cognitive development in children that read for fun. So, teens that read for the joy of reading may have a better chance at improving the socioeconomic status they were born into and meeting their cognitive potential (Wilhelm, 2017). Reading is truly FUNdamental!

I’m on a mission to promote Rebels reading outside of class time. Over the coming weeks, I will be working hard to encourage and support a culture of reading at GR. Some initiatives I have already started are as follows: SSR (silent sustained reading) of choice books every day during eighth grade Language Arts, setting goals for finishing SSR books (pictured below), “catching” readers around the school and featuring their picture on my teacher Instagram account (@MsAngieIowa), and asking students to talk about the reading they do for fun during class time. I absolutely love talking about reading with students as well as giving and taking book recommendations.I believe there is something for everyone to read and I am determined to find that something for every student. I’m excited to continue to build a reading community at our school! Keep reading, #readingrebels!

Eighth grade readers tracking reading goal progress.



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